Senior Living Design

Senior Living

Senior living designs that emphasize resident-centered care.

With a dedicated senior living staff and in-house engineering capability, we provide a unique advantage for accomplishing our client's design goals. Through our design experience in the senior living realm, we've been able to gain a strong understanding of how care has evolved and how physical environments must adapt moving forward. This understanding of the project type spans across the four forms of care: Long Term Care, Transitional Care, Assisted Living, and Independent Living.

“In addition to the obvious roles of architect and engineer, Wold has played the role of advisor, coordinator, listener, empathizer, designer, and many more for us at JMHS.”

— Stacey L. Lee, CEO, Johnson Memorial Health Services

Long Term Care Facility Design
Long Term Care

Throughout our design process, we work closely with our clients to assist in varying levels of culture change as it relates to their communities. One way we help in this shift is by focusing on designs that personalize choices for residents. Previously, long term care was designed as institutions with the convenience of staff driving the design. Our long term care designs focus on promoting the continuation of self for the residents by designing homes with the convenience of healthcare on-site. We also incorporate natural elements consistent with biophilic designs in order to create a calming and supportive environment. We promote this design specialty through our material selections, our residential organization of households and our additional amenity options for residents. During our collaborative process with stakeholders, we identify design solutions that will meet both residents' and staff's needs.

Transitional Care Facility Design
Transitional Care

For guests staying in this short-term environment, it is essential to create a comfortable atmosphere that supports their transition and reduces stress. With a mix of long term and hospitality centric designs, we aim to generate care centers that shorten recovery times. The guests’ care is supplemented by our state-of-the-art rehabilitation amenities, including pools, fitness centers, lift tracks, and other physical therapy assets. As a firm that works in various health care facets, we understand how a design can impact both the guest's and staff's experiences.

Assisted Care Facility Design
Assisted Living

As one of the leading design experts in senior living, we have continually been tapped into discussions through LeadingAge and with code officials surrounding assisted living design evolution. Being involved in these discussions allows our team to be on the cusp of innovative design strategies, such as the neighborhood model, to improve stakeholder experiences. When working with a design firm, it is vital to work closely with a team that understands the regulations that can impact your space’s design. Working with our assisted living team will ensure you can establish a supportive environment that meets constraints while still creating a home-like, comfortable environment for the residents.

Senior Living Design
Independent Living

Our independent living designs provide options to receive care while also supporting the resident's independent active lifestyles. We prioritize wellness amenities in our independent living centers to ensure residents have the option of continuing highly active schedules. Sometimes quoted as a "Disneyland" for seniors, a few of our amenities include restaurant(s) on-site, garden plots, wellness centers, aquatics, pubs, gathering spaces and other community-specific amenities. We balance these amenities with the right mix of unit types, sizes and features that will resonate with the community it needs to attract. These designs are customizable, and we can determine the right fit through collaboration with our clients.

Fairway View Senior Communities

Although distinct in their needs, our senior living designs share a similar approach to designing meaningful experiences for residents and staff. By providing access to natural light, useful amenities, and inspiring designs, we bolster residents' quality of life in your communities. Through our experience of working with various health care building types, we can accommodate each level of care with unique solutions. These solutions help improve both staff efficiency and overall resident wellness, all while being cost-effective. After taking the time to meet with and understand our clients' needs, we can help accomplish long-term senior living design goals.

Areas of Focus
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Acute Care

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Ambulatory Surgery Center Design

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Clinic Design


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Critical Access Hospital

Critical Access Hospital

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Senior Living Design

Senior Living

We recognize the need for senior living designs that emphasize resident-centered care.

Veterans Homes

Veterans Homes

A nationwide leader in small house and household skilled nursing design.

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