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While we know that the aesthetic design of educational buildings is important, the most critical aspects are the school’s functionality - making sure it is preparing students for the future. Our recent work is not only educationally innovative but showcases projects that meet a district’s goals and represent the values of a community. Our portfolio also exemplifies the application of current trends and the focus placed on equality within education programs. Education design must consider many factors to achieve success amongst students, staff and community members. This is all accomplished in buildings that are beautiful, inspiring and fiscally responsible.

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It starts with collaboration

Our design process starts with listening to you. Through our participatory planning process, we bring multiple stakeholders together to represent your community's various views and beliefs. We facilitate planning discussions to define criteria specific to your project goals and base our designs directly upon those criteria. From meeting to meeting, we will show and explain how the planning group’s input directly impacted and modified the plans. This approach stays consistent throughout the entirety of the project as it allows constant dialogue with your staff to ensure alignment, ownership and consensus.

Personalized Learning: Empowering Student Choice

Trends in Education Design

We are at a pivotal point in education programs. Educators are discarding the teaching paradigms that revolve solely around a lecture-based format. New methods of teaching and a renewed focus on personalized learning are demanding new learning environments and processes. We bring our collaborative skills to the conversation to design new spaces suited for 21st-century learning and to help inspire new thinking and creativity in your teaching staff. Our flexible designs, paired with your programmed curriculum, can also empower students to engage in independent learning and participate in exploratory classes. We design with new trends in mind to continue to inspire students and staff to learn every day.

“Wold understands schools...the needs and the flexibility in classrooms...how teachers teach and a variety of students learn. It was a huge advantage.”

— Mike Kelly, Superintendent, Randolph Public School

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Greater Focus on Providing Human and Social Services

Schools play a critical role in providing need to at-risk students and families. A significant number of students rely on schools to provide some level of food, mental and physical healthcare and social service assistance and protection. For many of these students, without their base level of needs being met, the chances of achieving similar academic performance to their peers is not possible. From our architectural perspective, we strive to use our knowledge to equalize the starting point for all students to achieve greater academic achievements. Schools play a significant role in physically fostering integrated services for students and families, so we work to incorporate these services into the designs of our learning environments. Students should have access to healthcare practitioners such as dentists and therapists, and access a bank and food services when they deem necessary. In addition to academic programs, education design must advocate for every student's health, well-being and success.

Areas of Focus
Wold Architects & Engineers - Early Childhood Architecture

Early Childhood Center

Early childhood centers support the youngest learners through age appropriate designs that aid collaboration amongst peers and personal growth.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Elementary Classroom Design

Elementary School

Elementary school classroom designs engage students’ young minds and ignite their passion for learning.

Wold Architects & Engineers - High School Design

High School

New high school designs consider complex environments that require flexible responses to educational demands and community needs and expectations.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Higher Education Design

Higher Education

Higher education design inspires academic and athletic excellence through innovations of the built environment.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Middle School Design

Middle School

New middle school designs promote self-sufficiency and support personal and academic growth by emphasizing individualized learning.

Wold Architects & Engineers - PreK-12 School Design


PreK-12 schools rely on the concept of many grade levels efficiently interacting in a shared academic environment.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Special Education Design

Special Education

Special education design considers students' unique needs and allows them to learn in personalized, productive and engaging environments.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Specialty Education Design


School districts add value to communities by providing spaces focused on specialized education, athletics and the arts.

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