Veterans Homes

Veterans Homes

Making veterans feel at home.

A nationwide leader in small house and household skilled nursing design, our team is dedicated to making veterans feel at home. Through a long track record with the Department of Veterans Affairs, we've built great relationships that allow us to be at the forefront of innovative ideas. We also have a long history of working with rural communities and public entities, enabling us to adapt to specific missions and needs.

Veterans Homes

De-institutionalizing our Veterans Homes

In the past, veterans homes were designed as institutions to maximize staff efficiency. Rooms were located off a double-loaded corridor and the staff generally set schedules for the residents. The layout, lack of privacy and often a lack of dignity gave nursing homes a negative stigma. As we look to the future, we believe that every veteran is different and the value of choice is crucial to emphasize feeling at home. Understanding our residents and the ways they choose to live helps us design spaces that fit those choices.

To understand what makes residents feel at home, we participate in community input meetings where we're able to gather preferences. Participating in these conversations with a wide variety of stakeholders (staff, residents, family members, local veterans organizations, etc.) allows our team to develop a wide variety of unique features for the homes. These features include, but are not limited to, both small and large gathering areas, spaces for private time and an emphasis on bringing natural elements into the design. We focus on including connections to the outdoors so our homes provide a calming and welcoming environment for the residents while receiving care from staff. This helps to reinforce the ideals of feeling at home, with minimal stress.

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Emphasizing the Small House Model

As stated before, our team’s main goal is to create environments that put residents in long term care first. One way we do this is by utilizing the small house model design guidelines established by the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs. We take the time to understand the small house guidelines to stay informed on current technical manuals, building codes and other VA criteria. Our team utilizes these established design guidelines to maximize our process's efficiency, ensuring the highest quality while also controlling costs. We use these planning principles to create the supportive environments needed for the veterans' care and wellbeing on the interior while the exterior of the building is customized to reflect the region and materials of the local community.

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Staying on Top of Industry Trends

Never satisfied with the status quo, we are always thinking about emerging trends for the design of veterans homes. Our team is dedicated to continual learning and adapting so that we can find the right solution for our clients. Several trends include; the emergence of diverse populations, changing expectations of care, increased flexibility in design models and the continued expectation of living sustainably. By identifying flaws in traditional ways of thinking, we adapt them into new-age solutions for your veterans homes.

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Veterans Homes

Veterans Homes

A nationwide leader in small house and household skilled nursing design.

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