Color in healthcare

Color in Healthcare Research

It is understood that color enhances interior environments, and as a result, it is always interesting to watch color trends change and alter these interior environments. In fact, there is research that supports the impact color has on healing and the therapeutic use of color for healthcare environments. For example:

  • Green-blue is the classic healthcare color that soothes and offers a good balance. (1)
  • Orange radiates warmth and is associated with joy and happiness. A popular color used in hospitals is peach because it is a muted color in the orange family. (1)
  • Peach, blue and green can reduce the level of an individual’s anxiety - but can be a challenge for the elderly to distinguish the colors from one another if used adjacently. (1)
  • Highly saturated colors, such as red, are too stimulating and should not be used with neurological disorder patients. (2)

Color can be critical in your healthcare facility. Contact our design team to review your environmental color choices and how they impact the healing process of the patients.

Color in hc blue portrait
Color in hc blue peach
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