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To create an efficient outpatient clinic design, the process needs to include collaboration amongst all stakeholders.

As healthcare continues to evolve, the clinic designs associated with it are also changing to match the level of care given. Whether it is from an operational efficiency standpoint or how staff, patient and visitor experiences are shaped, clinic architecture must think differently to provide creative solutions. To create an efficient outpatient clinic design, which includes medical office buildings, cancer centers, dental centers and more, the process needs to include collaboration between a client partner and their design firm. Our plans don’t follow a standardized model with a kit of parts. Instead, they’re unique solutions that match the needs of our clientele and the patients they serve. Whether it is a new build, addition, renovation or tenant improvement, Wold has the expertise and experience to collaboratively work with you to develop thoughtful solutions through your goals.

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Meaningful Consumer Experiences

Above all else, we want to ensure your clinic’s consumers continue to return because of positive patient experiences. By increasing the number of services you’re able to offer, we can develop easily accessible locations that improve overall well-being. We can expand these services through innovative ways of providing them, including telehealth, self-rooming and drive-thru care stations. We also shape consumer experiences by providing authentic and inspiring interior design in exam rooms and waiting areas. During our collaborative planning process, we’ll work hand in hand with you and your team to decide several things, including what services need to be on-site in your clinic design and how to deliver those services efficiently. Creating a patient experience your clients expect to ensure that they will continue to come back for their future healthcare needs.

Clinic Design

Improving Throughput Optimization

During the planning phase of a clinic design project, one of our primary objectives is to work closely with the team to improve patient flow and create a design that increases efficiency and throughput. We want to ensure that our layouts decrease patient travel distances, while minimizing steps for the care team. Our optimization of the care model will assist in analyzing their daily tasks to ensure they have fewer factors preventing them from doing their job well. From a vast amount of prior experience in clinic design, we understand how our design layouts can accomplish your distinct needs and maximize operational efficiency.

Emphasizing Patient Safety

As we continue to learn from the past and present while planning for the future of healthcare design, we are evolving with the industry to ensure we’re continually providing unique solutions. This includes one item that matters in all of our business types, ensuring patients are given safe environments to receive care and to heal. Proper patient and visitor flows are mastered, so individuals don’t visit the same locations twice. Our team takes the time to ensure we’re managing pressure zones to maintain a safe environment. Additionally, we will work with our clients to ensure the proper materials are selected for infection control and material cleaning.

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Throughout our history as a firm, we’ve had the privilege of working with a wide variety of healthcare clients to create meaningful solutions for their needs, whether for a new build, addition, renovation, or a tenant improvement. As we continue to grow, we have the prior experience to help create solutions that match our clients’ needs. These solutions fall under many categories in clinic design, including ease of access, throughput optimization, patient safety, innovative trends and many more. We’ll work with your team to assist in coming up with unique solutions based on marketplace outcomes during our process. Thus, we will create a clinic design concept that matches your long-term goals for an exceptional consumer experience.

Areas of Focus
Acute Care Design

Acute Care

Innovative outcomes to meet the patients, families, staff and community members needs while also balancing business objectives.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Design

Ambulatory Care & Specialty Care

Reimagining outpatient services by providing better care, better access and lowered costs.

Behavioral Mental Health

Behavioral & Mental Health

Community behavioral and mental health centers critically support the needs of citizens experiencing mental illness and their families in many ways.

Clinic Design


To create an efficient outpatient clinic design, the process needs to include collaboration amongst all stakeholders.

Critical Access Hospital

Critical Access Hospital

A lifeline for a region, critical access hospitals are vital to the health of rural communities across the nation.

Senior Living Design

Senior Living

We recognize the need for senior living designs that emphasize resident-centered care.

Veterans Homes

Veterans Homes

A nationwide leader in small house and household skilled nursing design.

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