Acute Care Design

Acute Care

Innovative outcomes to meet the patients, families, staff and community members needs while also balancing business objectives.

Acute care design and planning is an ever-changing landscape that continues to evolve for the better. Specializing in healthcare facilities, we have the acute care design expertise necessary to design meaningful experiences for your stakeholders. Whether you are in a rural, suburban or urban area, our team has the project experience required to partner in delivering your future projects' goals. We strive to provide innovative outcomes to meet the patients, families, staff and community members needs while also balancing business objectives.

Acute Care Design

Caring for Patients and Families

At Wold, one of our core values is to empower people through our designs. For our healthcare clients, we strive to empower patients with environments that promote healing and emphasize support. Focusing on access to natural views and daylight, we design spaces meant to evoke a calming atmosphere. Our team understands patients and their respective support groups may be undergoing unique challenges, which is why we ensure patient privacy is a cornerstone of our designs. By providing warmth and color, space for family members and areas of reflection for respite, we limit an acute care facility's institutional atmosphere, therefore increasing overall satisfaction. All of this while integrating the latest materials and equipment to create safer environments for the patients by promoting best practices in infection control, fall prevention, and more.

“The team at Wold was excellent at listening to what the staff and our patients needed in a new clinic and integrated this seamlessly into the plans as well as provided creative ideas and suggestions.”

— Stacy Messner, OTR, Rehab Manager, Hutchinson Health

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Special Attention to Staff

For many acute care team members, they spend as much time at the hospital as they do at home. Thus, the design should not only provide facilities that support the care they give, but also a sense of place that feels like home. That is why our team at Wold is committed to developing personalized designs that support the comprehensive needs of your team. We aim to provide staff respite areas for relief during their shifts and while on-call. Our team also focuses on creating facilities that integrate lean design to operate more efficiently while incorporating best practices to ensure staff safety. We understand each organization and the community it serves has its own unique culture, which is why our participatory design process gives a voice to all patient, family and staff stakeholders.

Optimizing Operations

The engine that drives any facility are the support services that operate behind the scenes, acute care facilities are no different. Our team at Wold places a strong focus on creating designs that increase efficiency for your support services. Through lean design analysis, we can develop plans for the distribution of materials and equipment in your facility. Creating an efficient design for your support services allows for a smoother flow of operations for all of your facility's stakeholders. Our team takes the time to research and implement effective design strategies for the spaces required to support Dietary, Materials Management, EVS, maintenance, housekeeping, Biomed, IT, sterile processing and more.

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Acute Care Design 3

As stated before, Healthcare is an ever-changing landscape that continues to evolve for the better. Through this change, our team is committed to staying on top of industry trends to create a forward-thinking acute care design that meets your stakeholders' current and future needs. At the end of the day, this design also has to work financially. That's why our team is committed to being good stewards of funding, ensuring long-range strategic goals are economically sound. Our team has deep experience integrating evidence-based design principles to enhance the patient, family and staff experiences and is excited to learn how we can partner in shaping the future of your acute care design.

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Acute Care Design

Acute Care

Innovative outcomes to meet the patients, families, staff and community members needs while also balancing business objectives.

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