Ambulatory Surgery Center Design

Ambulatory Care & Specialty Care

Heightened outpatient care through a center of excellence.

What was once a primarily inpatient based service, healthcare has evolved through the development of specialized ambulatory surgery centers of excellence that focus strictly on the outpatient to improve the patient experience, offering a higher level of care with more access and reduced costs. At Wold, we strive to achieve this triple aim in our ambulatory and specialty care centers by prioritizing these factors. Although distinct in their services, these outpatient care designs still provide a strong connection to inpatient standards and resources; and must be designed to align with an organization's values while increasing operational efficiency.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Design

Reimagining your Hospital-based Care

Our designs will allow you to deliver the same level of care a patient would receive at an inpatient facility with easier access through the reorganization and optimization of outpatient services. Ambulatory institutions that achieve the highest patient outcomes are one of the various ways we utilize our design expertise to accomplish centers of excellence. From the patient perspective, this includes a rezoning of their experience depending upon the specific service they need, which improves patient flow. For staff, we take the time to research lean analysis in ambulatory facilities to ensure our designs improve staff workflows. By incorporating these and many other right-sizing measures, we're able to optimize how your facility is licensed.

Regionalization of Specialty Centers

To coincide with your hospital's design, our team places a strong emphasis on putting specialty centers in distinct areas that increase patient access and convenience. The location and design of these centers must fit to create a consistent patient environment, regardless of whether they are within the hospital campus or strategically located elsewhere in the community. These efforts reduce congestion with other hospital services and ensure the remote entryways to the healthcare system aid in the patient experience, not hinder it. Tailoring these environments to your operational needs through our strategic design process allows for a heightened sense of reliability in an outpatient setting.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Design 3

Prioritizing Facility Safety

To ensure an exceptional level of outpatient care, our team understands the importance of patient safety. We prioritize the full compliance of life safety requirements in our facilities while also reducing long-term maintenance costs in the process. We will take the time to work with you and your team to ensure our designs align with your licensing requirements. The time spent with you in our participatory planning process allows us to define your facility's unique needs. Following these discussions, we will incorporate our industry expertise to ensure we deliver cost-effective solutions that exceed expectations.

As no two healthcare projects are identical, we structure our approach for each of our projects by meeting with our clients throughout to determine their unique desired outcomes for a project.

From there, we incorporate our previous design expertise to deliver on established expectations. For ambulatory and specialty care, this oftentimes means heightened outpatient care through a center of excellence. To achieve this, we ensure our facilities are operationally efficient, improve on patient and staff workflows and mitigate patient safety concerns. By incorporating the elements listed above, we can reimagine your ambulatory surgery center design.

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Ambulatory Surgery Center 4
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Ambulatory Surgery Center Design

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