Architectural Design Services


Inspiring unique results through a client-focused collaborative process.

At Wold Architects and Engineers, architectural design services are at the intersection of client relationships and innovative solutions. We place a high degree of importance on developing, evolving and maintaining our client relationships by understanding what is important to you. These connections enable us to elicit designs based on your community and build on your criteria to create truly innovative outcomes. During these conversations, we approach each project’s architectural design process with an open mind. Our job is to understand our clients and ensure that architecture is accessible to all, so our approach is reflective of this attitude.

Architectural Design Services

Trusted Relationships With Our Integrated Team

Our team of architects, engineers and planners operate within an integrated design process. This method of design supports collaboration and coordination amongst each design discipline. We stress the significance of including each of these disciplines in conversations from the inception of the project. Your stakeholders, the most vital group of contributors, are also included from the beginning. We focus on understanding your unique needs and work to develop design criteria that reflects your goals. By being reliable and accountable partners, we work to gain your trust and maintain your confidence throughout the entirety of the project. These relationships ground our plans and enable us to include personal touches throughout the design. The results of these relationship-driven projects are not just beautiful, but more importantly, they are highly functional and meet your operational goals.

Architectural Design Services 2

Service that Goes Above and Beyond

You are deserving of design services that go above and beyond, and we promise our clients just that. We are there for you and your community from the onset to help kickstart your project. Our experience showcases our ability to identify your challenges by developing needs assessments and determining optimal funding sources. As the project gets underway, our full-service design team is there for you every step of the way with limitless service as we do not place restrictions on the number of questions asked or meetings conducted. As the project finishes, our team does not disappear and is committed to resolving any outstanding issues. This aspect of our architectural services is of absolute importance to our design firm. We take on a long-term posture in designing your facilities and will be of service to your community forever.

“From start to finish, the firm’s architects and engineers were observe first-hand the building process and to respond to any issues that might arise.”

— Tim Krouse, Superintendent, Idalia School District

Innovative and Technically Advanced Architecture

As a top tier architectural design firm, we are equipped to continuously create innovative spaces. Our experienced teams are at the forefront of new design trends, principles and approaches. As the direction of architectural design regularly evolves, we pride ourselves on simultaneously updating our processes to reflect this growth. One goal that remains constant is our commitment to coupling creative components with the technical aspects of each design. Innovative architecture should not hinder the quality, timeline or budget of a project; therefore, we work diligently to ensure these project tasks meet our high standards. At Wold, your community’s values, paired with our knowledge of architectural design services, assure you of innovative and technically advanced solutions that exceed your expectations.

Services We Offer
Architectural Design Services


Inspiring unique results through a client-focused collaborative process.

Engineering Services


Integrating in-house engineering services by incorporating technical resources at the inception of all projects.

Facilities Master Plan

Facility Master Planning

Combining industry knowledge and data-driven research to provide long-term solutions.

Architectural and Interior Design Services

Interior Design

Establishing an understanding of your values to create the right feel and function for your environments.

Sustainable Design


Elevating energy efficient designs that reduce the environmental impact of the communities we serve.

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