Critical Access Hospital

Critical Access Hospital

Planning and design processes that integrate community members and past patients.

A lifeline for a region, critical access hospitals are vital to the health of rural communities across the nation. Wold's clients are all pillars of their local communities, and we understand the importance of gaining ownership and consensus from them on our projects. As such, our planning and design processes are all collaborative and integrate community members and past patients to understand the guiding principles that define project success. Our team understands how to manage and maintain a fixed budget while balancing the planned healthcare service outcomes required for your service population, as well as the expectations of your community. This community-driven approach allows us to stay flexible in the specific way you create meaningful experiences.

Critical Access Hospital

Promoting Patient Input

We recognize that the patient's a critical access hospital takes care of often share a personal connection with the staff. We also understand that rural community members would like to receive access to healthcare in facilities close to home. Because of this, we believe it is essential for your community members to be involved in the planning process early-on to gain all perspectives and opinions. By doing this, we can ensure that we can create a design that aligns with your community's health care expectations.

Assisting in Staff Efficiency

We understand how committed your staff is to delivering exceptional care to patients and their families, many of whom are their neighbors. Staff responsibilities at a critical access hospital often span a wide range of services on-site. Because of this heavy workload, we believe it is our responsibility to make sure our designs are customized to your leadership culture and staffing models. To ensure we understand your staff's unique needs, we are available when it is convenient for your team to discuss how our designs can improve your team's experience.

Critical Access Hospital 2
Critical Access Hospital 3

Our Commitment to your Community

Our goal as a firm is to develop long-term partnerships with our clients and the communities they serve to deliver unique results. This includes assistance for our clients in all aspects of a facility's usage. Wold has a reputation in the construction management community as a collaborative partner as opposed to just a design firm. We have built this reputation by truly being teammates with our construction management partners on our project teams to deliver excellent experiences and outcomes. Our team also has in-house engineering resources for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and low-voltage planning and design services. This allows our firm to more effectively achieve high-performing project coordination and vital day-to-day conversations regarding your project. By positioning ourselves as an industry leader, we're able to deliver on the goals you've set for your critical access hospital.

Critical Access Hospital 4

We believe our team has unparalleled experience in rural healthcare to deliver high performing, functional designs. We will collaboratively work with your team to develop a personalized approach to design that will weave into the fabric of your community. We believe it is our responsibility as community healthcare planners and designers to facilitate a participative process that develops facilities which support serving the people around you. Through our community-driven approach, we can deliver unique patient experiences for your community and quality work environments for your staff to create a critical access hospital design to meet your specific needs.

Areas of Focus
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Clinic Design


To create an efficient outpatient clinic design, the process needs to include collaboration amongst all stakeholders.

Critical Access Hospital

Critical Access Hospital

A lifeline for a region, critical access hospitals are vital to the health of rural communities across the nation.

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