Healthcare Architecture


Designing meaningful experiences that embody an organization's values.

A recognized leader in healthcare architecture, our team at Wold is committed to designing meaningful experiences for our clients. We dedicate ourselves to all clients' betterment by listening to all voices, adding an emphasis beyond the end product and bringing their vision forward to create outstanding results. Our building type experience in healthcare includes acute care, ambulatory and specialty care, behavioral and mental health, clinics and critical access hospitals. We have a full-service in-house team of healthcare planners, architects, interior designers and engineers focused on every project's success, no matter the size or scope.

Healthcare Architecture

Designing Your Experiences

At Wold, one of our core values is to empower people through our designs. We strive to empower patients and staff with environments that promote healing and emphasize support. Moving away from institutional design qualities, we focus on culture shifting features that increase overall satisfaction. Our team is also committed to promoting the comprehensive needs of staff members. We prioritize stakeholder engagement throughout the design process of our healthcare facilities for every project we do. Our team knows each organization and the community it serves has its own unique culture, which is why our participatory design process gives a voice to all patients, staff and community stakeholders.

“Their approach to teaming, communication and commitment to our community are what differentiate Wold. They were there no matter what, no request or question was too small, with service and an unwavering dedication to our success as their priorities."

— Thomas Nordwick, CEO, Uvalde Memorial Hospital

Healthcare Architecture 2
Resident-Centered Senior Living

As a firm, we recognize the need for senior living designs that emphasize resident-centered care. With a dedicated senior living staff and in-house engineering capabilities, we provide a unique advantage for accomplishing our client's design goals. Through our design experience and long history in the senior living realm, we've been able to gain a strong understanding of how care has evolved and how physical environments must adapt moving forward. This understanding of the project type spans across the four forms of care: Long Term Care, Transitional Care, Assisted Living and Independent Living. Although distinct in their needs, our senior living designs share a similar approach to designing meaningful resident experiences and supportive staff spaces.

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We value meeting our clients' needs and bettering their environments for the patients, residents, staff and community members. Our main priority is to create environments that are both reflective of clients interests and impactful in the communities they serve. Wold's track-record of sustaining long-term relationships with our clients is further evidence that we dedicate ourselves to the needs and goals of everyone with whom we're privileged enough to work with through healthcare architecture.

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Areas of Focus
Acute Care Design

Acute Care

Innovative outcomes to meet the patients, families, staff and community members needs while also balancing business objectives.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Design

Ambulatory Care & Specialty Care

Reimagining outpatient services by providing better care, better access and lowered costs.

Behavioral Mental Health

Behavioral & Mental Health

Community behavioral and mental health centers critically support the needs of citizens experiencing mental illness and their families in many ways.

Clinic Design


To create an efficient outpatient clinic design, the process needs to include collaboration amongst all stakeholders.

Critical Access Hospital

Critical Access Hospital

A lifeline for a region, critical access hospitals are vital to the health of rural communities across the nation.

Senior Living Design

Senior Living

We recognize the need for senior living designs that emphasize resident-centered care.

Veterans Homes

Veterans Homes

A nationwide leader in small house and household skilled nursing design.

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