Sustainable Design


Elevating energy efficient designs that reduce the environmental impact of the communities we serve.

At Wold Architects and Engineers, we recognize our responsibility to define and deliver sustainable design solutions, which exemplifies the level of leadership expected in each community. We understand that we are uniquely positioned to elevate sustainable design ideals and reduce the environmental impact of the communities we serve. Therefore, we believe in client centric discussions that promote a holistic integrated design approach with a focus on energy efficient solutions. Through collaboration, we will determine your sustainability and energy performance goals based on your community’s values, and will deliver those sustainable outcomes by integrating all design disciplines at the beginning of the project. Our firm prescribes to a process that incorporates innovations in technology while delivering proven solutions that will support the longevity of your building.

Sustainable Design

Promoting Sustainable Dialogue from the Start

We strongly believe that, to have a successful project, we need to make design decisions that align with the values of each community. We also know that centering conversations on the environmental impact will lead to more sustainable outcomes. Through our participatory planning process, we will work to develop consensus around the topics of sustainability and determine specific performance goals for each project. At the beginning, we will educate your community on the leading edge of sustainable design practices that include the most modern, energy efficient technology. In doing so, we will develop a common understanding of what your community strives to achieve by developing sustainable goals and objectives that align with your values.

Our Integrated Design Process

At Wold, because our engineers are an integral part of our team, we have a unique opportunity to coordinate all design disciplines at the inception of the project. This collaborative design process allows us to use technical resources during the pre-planning phase to help facilitate our sustainability discussions. A variety of tools are used to support these conversations, such as; energy modeling and daylight analysis. This data, coupled with our architectural expertise and your community’s input, informs your sustainability goals. To ensure these objectives are met, our engineers remain actively involved throughout the design and construction phases, as well as, into post occupancy. Therefore, our integrated design process is practiced throughout the entirety of your project to guarantee you are fully satisfied with the outcome.

Sustainable Design 2

Focused on the Sustainable Lifetime of Your Buildings

Our team of architects, engineers and planners remain engaged with your project throughout the lifetime of your building. We continue to gather performance data beyond post occupancy periods. Post occupancy evaluations and reporting utility data are key to evaluating your building performance metrics. This practice allows us to compare performance outcomes with design decisions made during the planning stage. These measurements enable us to track the performance of your building to ensure optimal, energy efficient results. We strongly believe our continued service approach enables us to design and maintain sustainable buildings for your communities.

Sustainable Design 3
Reaching for Net Zero

Wold has committed the resources and developed the processes and expertise to envision a net zero future. A net zero project outcome will be achieved by offsetting all energy consumption with on-site power generation through the use of renewable energy sources. At the beginning of the design process, we will detail how your project can achieve a net zero result to motivate you to stretch your sustainability goals. These conversations allow us to empower your community to make sustainably sound decisions to reduce their carbon footprint by assessing the energy consumption, environmental impact and performance of your building.

Our Pledge to the AIA 2030 Commitment

Our firm is an AIA 2030 Commitment participant, and as such have committed to dedicate the time, expertise and resources to create a more sustainable future. This commitment promotes architects to approach sustainable design with a data-driven focus.The American Institute of Architects states, “By prioritizing energy performance, participating firms can more easily work toward carbon neutral buildings, developments and major renovations by 2030.” The magnitude of this endeavor is eased by the act of architectural firms uniting as one broader community. This community is working together to cultivate the best practices to report data to measure its impacts on sustainability. We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with this broader design cohort to share data driven techniques and sustainable design resources with the intent to work towards the 2030 goals and benchmarks.

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Integrating in-house engineering services by incorporating technical resources at the inception of all projects.

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Sustainable Design


Elevating energy efficient designs that reduce the environmental impact of the communities we serve.

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