Behavioral Mental Health

Behavioral & Mental Health

Providing critical support to citizens experiencing mental illness and their families.

Community behavioral and mental health centers are a necessary and essential component of a community's integrated public health care delivery system. These facilities critically support the needs of citizens experiencing mental illness and their families in many ways. Wold has previous experience partnering with public and private sector clients to plan, design and construct behavioral and mental health centers. Our team will apply the expertise we have gained through these experiences to accomplish an effective response to your community's needs. A collaborative process will also involve you and your team to understand your culture. Through our work, we can assist in a safe and transformative design that helps to de-stigmatize mental and behavioral health treatment.

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Focusing on Patient Wellness

Our top priority when designing behavioral and mental health facilities is patient safety. By focusing on the vast amount of potential safety risks in a center, we can mitigate patient injury risks. This includes thoughtful designs in specialized units that help de-escalate agitated patients, including the usage of outdoor space, natural light and additional design elements. Another goal as a firm is to create a cultural shift in our centers by transforming institutional designs into welcoming environments for patients. It is well known that access to mental health services and care significantly reduce personal suffering by persons afflicted with mental illness. Through our collaborative process, we aim to create locations that balance the needs of both effective treatment and patient safety.

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Involving Staff Members

While it is crucial to create designs that transform patients' lives, we also believe it is essential to devote a large amount of time to staff needs and their safety. Our team understands the need to balance connections with patients, staff safety and respite. Thus, our firm ensures the inclusion of your integrated care team members in our planning process to guarantee all opinions are heard. Through these discussions, we can create solutions for administering the level of care needed, while also being mindful of the personal stress and safety concerns associated with these jobs. We make every effort to ensure staff wellness is prioritized without losing focus of the patient’s needs and care process.

Maximizing Operational Efficiency

Additionally, our team has prior experience and expertise to analyze how we can solve your facility challenges from an operational perspective. We understand that a behavioral and mental health center must be adequately sized with sufficient bed capacity to meet the community’s existing and future needs. By taking the time to understand specialized community needs, we can establish the capacity needs for areas such as swing beds, specialized units, transitional care spaces and day hospitals. Thus, we can create units that operate efficiently while minimizing patient risks.

Behavioral Mental Health

We understand that an efficient process and delivery will be of the utmost importance. Our highly collaborative planning and design process is structured to build consensus and achieve a viable and successful plan promptly. Wold has built a collaborative relationship on previous behavioral and mental health projects with every team member. By bridging Wold's expertise in healthcare and government building types, we feel strongly that our firm has the expertise to complete your project on time and within budget. Together, we can create a fresh and transformative design for your behavioral and mental health centers.

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Behavioral Mental Health

Behavioral & Mental Health

Community behavioral and mental health centers critically support the needs of citizens experiencing mental illness and their families in many ways.

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