Carver County Mental Health and wellness

Carver County Mental Wellness

Wold Architects and Engineers was asked to help Carver County develop a Mental Health Wellness facility that would be a renovation and addition to an existing hospice care facility they acquired in 2017. The county received a $1.25 million grant from the State of Minnesota to construct a residential crisis stabilization clinic to be located in Carver County. This project's vision was to build an addition and renovate the existing building to provide 12 stabilization beds for drop-in clients. This facility will be a short-term facility licensed by the State of Minnesota as an IRTS (Intensive Residential Treatment Services) facility for intensive crisis stabilization with up to a 10-day stay.

The design solution adds six individual sleeping rooms with shared restrooms/showers between the rooms. Additionally, the building's design to allow for expansion of beds should licensing change in the future. These rooms will be used as office space or for treatment programs. The building design is of a residential scale, and the interior finishes are intended to provide a more stable "home" like environment for residents. The site is located on Lake Bavaria near Victoria, MN and is located adjacent to a city park.

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