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Over the last ten years, Fort Madison Community Hospital has partnered with Wold on continually making incremental improvements across their health and wellness campus to enhance the patient experience while increasing the effectiveness of hospital operations. The campus improvements include renovating the patient rooms, a reimagined imaging center, a new rehabilitation and therapy center, a remodeled emergency department, an geriatric inpatient behavioral health unit and a master planned birth center and same day surgery center.

These improvements began by renovating the patient rooms to create private rooms for each patient with amenities for family members caring for the patients, including integrated sleeping units, power and technology connections and built-in storage for their personal belongings. The patient room improvements also created three distinct zones for better care team access to the patient, including bedside charting, lifts in each patient room and full access to supplies all thoughtfully concealed in customized cabinets to maintain a better healing environment for the patients and their families. Next, Fort Madison Community Hospital expanded the imaging department and added a rehabilitation and wellness center to their campus.

The imaging department was expanded and reorganized to create a better experience for the patients, more effectively align the facilities with the operational model sought by the department leaders and staff, and to allow for future expansion of imaging modalities for the growth projected by Fort Madison Community Hospital.

The new rehabilitation and therapy center has been a community asset for health care and wellness since the first day it opened on their campus. Community members use it to receive physical therapy, occupational therapy and cardiac rehab services in the private treatment rooms surrounding the full service therapy gym, the upper level walking track and therapy pool. These same amenities, along with an exterior walking path around a serene pond, are also used by local families for their health and wellness as they use them for walking, talking and gathering as a community.

The most recent project is a new geriatric inpatient behavioral health unit. This impactful and much needed project will be a regional asset for Fort Madison and the surrounding region. The unit was created with an eye towards seamlessly integrating a modern feel for the patients with the latest safety guidelines and standards to protect both the patients and staff caring for them. The unit is set to open in 2021 to provide this important service for southeast Iowa.

The next exciting improvement being planned is a renovation and expansion of the BirthPlace birth center. This project will create a modern and spa-like environment for expecting mothers and their spouses as they expand their families at Fort Madison Community Hospital.

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