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Parks & Recreation

Enhancing all individuals' quality of life in your community by creating safe, inclusive and sustainable public spaces.

Our philosophy behind park architecture is to impact the communities we serve by creating safe, inclusive and sustainable public spaces. We strive to enhance the quality of life of all individuals by designing spaces that serve the community-at-large. To do so, we design a variety of green spaces from linear parks to active and passive parks, recreation centers and other unique facility types. Our parks and recreation portfolio is vast and diverse and is supplemented by our years of experience in this valuable realm of park architecture.

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Designing Parks

Park architecture is an extensive branch within the general design space. Parks can take on a variety of appearances and accomplish an array of functions. Therefore, a thorough design process must be used to successfully create each green space. This process starts with us working with your stakeholders to understand your community’s needs. We are capable of assisting in grant writing to obtain the appropriate funds to make a project possible. We are also experienced in conducting feasibility studies, creating master plans on behalf of your community and overseeing the management of construction documents. No matter your project type and required services, we will develop and execute a customized design approach to achieve your park goals.

Linear Parks

Linear parks enable people to enjoy the outdoors. These parks are located in urban and suburban areas and are significantly longer than they are wide. These greenways are often used for environmental protection or recreational use and tend to be found near shorelines, in wooded areas or within city squares. Our engineering team is composed of professionals from a variety of disciplines that work collaboratively to design linear parks for many communities.

Active Parks

Active parks encourage community members to live a healthy lifestyle by promoting athletic activities. The design of these parks influences how physically active users can be and how often the park gets used. Therefore, we design for the facilitation of activities for community members of all ages. Playgrounds for young children, walking loops for elders and sports fields for a variety of ages. Soccer fields, baseball fields and tennis courts are just a few that allow people to partake in athletic activities. Our knowledge, coupled with your understanding of your community, will enable us to create a green space that promotes active behaviors.

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Passive Parks

Passive parks enable visitors to engage in leisurely activities. These parks are home to individuals exploring hobbies that involve less recreational structure and this is exemplified in the design. Landscape architecture is a critical component to these parks as a majority of the area is dedicated to green space. Often, these parks total up to 20-25 acres of land. In scenarios where children are often present, we work with communities to develop appropriately aged playgrounds. Pavilions can also be designed with open and closed structures to guarantee that group gatherings are feasible during all weather conditions. To ensure these areas are proficiently developed we equip these parks with parking lots and other necessary civil features.

Recreation Centers

Recreation centers have the ability to bring communities together. The design of these structures enable people to assemble for programmed and independently organized activities.

To support these activities, buildings are equipped with large gathering spaces, individual rooms, sports facilities, concessions and restrooms. The overall aesthetic and functionality of the building is designed to reflect the location of the facility and incorporate the mission and values of the community.

Other Park Related Spaces

Other activity based facilities do not fit as seamlessly into the previously defined categories; however, they are no less important. Skate parks, splash pads and outdoor pools are public spaces that are still relevant to park architecture. In fact, these facilities contribute to the uniqueness of some parks. Not all green spaces are able to include these niche features; therefore, an experienced designer must be on board to execute the construction of these areas.

Developing Inclusive Parks

Inspiring everyone to gather, talk and play together is at the center of what we do, and inclusive park design should enable everyone to be able to do so. Regardless of the park project type, all spaces and facilities should be inclusively designed. We believe public spaces should be accessible to everyone and engage people of all ages and abilities. Parks have the ability to stimulate creativity, relieve feelings of stress and positively impact users. Therefore, these developments should be accessible to all.

As architects and engineers, we can ensure that these public spaces are inclusively designed. Fundamental features can be addressed to design such green spaces. With regards to playgrounds, multi-sensory elements should be included in the overall design. Moreover, including at least one piece of equipment that stimulates each of the sensory systems. Playgrounds must also include equipment with varying levels of challenge. More advanced and fast-paced equipment must be coupled with features that provide children with calming environments that allow for retreat. Again, designs must pay attention to sensory stimulation and account for moments when children may become overwhelmed. With regards to playgrounds and other park related fields and structures, the appropriate surfacing materials must be selected to reflect the age and activity level of those using the space. Correct materials can reduce the severity of injury from falls and provide users of all ages with a safe environment. These fundamental elements enable use to take all users into consideration and design inclusive parks.

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Park Architecture

Parks & Recreation

Enhancing all individuals' quality of life in your community by creating safe, inclusive and sustainable public spaces.

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Public Safety

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