Public Works Architecture

Public Works

Designing public works buildings that are flexible and adaptable.

Our public works architecture mission centers around the construction, maintenance, and operations of public infrastructure in a manner that respects the environment and preserves these assets for future generations. To support this mission, our clients need facilities that allow them to provide superior service to the communities they serve. We help our clients in public works architecture by designing buildings that align with their mission, are flexible and adaptable and can withstand our clients' rigorous work. Our process involves collaboration with clients to ensure that facilities meet the needs and values of the organization.

Public Works Architecture
“Wold never wavered from its original goal of helping the county make the best decision—not the most expensive decision—and for that the board and I are most grateful.”

— R. Michael Stafford, County Coordinator, Carlton County

Providing a Durable Facility

Public works departments are dedicating most of their resources to supporting and maintaining public infrastructure, including sewer and water infrastructure, street and park maintenance and emergency response during severe weather. Due to continuous service to the community, public works entities may not be able to focus on the maintenance of their own facilities. By selecting the right materials for a facility's unique needs, we can help protect equipment and cut facility repair costs. Our team will work collaboratively with you, understand your values and make recommendations on materials and finishes that will be long lasting and reduce maintenance needs of your facility.

Public Works Architecture 2

Focusing on Functionality

While we strive to provide facilities that can stand the test of time, we also place a strong priority on ensuring that our designs are functionally efficient. Depending on the public works architecture type (mechanics bays, offices, vehicle storage, wash bays, etc.), we create adaptable designs that promote workplace efficiency. We focus on several key factors that include safety, security and staff efficiency. Considerations, including separation of staff office spaces from work areas, secure storage of materials, proper vertical clearance for equipment, maintenance space that promotes worker safety and state-of-the-art ventilation systems, are all analyzed. Creating a space that enhances the workplace allows teams to safely and efficiently focus on job responsibilities.

Public Works Architecture 3

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

To build on workplace morale and retention, our team at Wold believes that designs should emphasize a healthy work environment. Workplaces that are seen as a benefit to employees help to boost overall workplace productivity. We strive to include several features in our public works facilities, including collaborative work environments, multi-use rooms for training, secure locker rooms, and natural daylighting. Our team is committed to a design process that emphasizes inclusivity to ensure all stakeholder voices are heard. By doing this, we can create healthy work environments that meet everyone's needs.

Our commitment to providing a superior outcome starts with a dialog and understanding each client's unique operational goals. We pair this with our public works architecture expertise and the basic building blocks to create a unique solution for each client that strives to look beyond current operations to what may evolve in decades to come.

Areas of Focus
Wold Architects & Engineers - City Hall Design

City Hall

A hallmark that brings individuals together, a city hall design, should represent your community's culture.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Community Center Design

Community Center

A gathering place for all ages, community centers must be properly designed to promote immense usage.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Emergency Communications Center Design

Emergency Communications Center

Our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to design an emergency communications center that individuals will have complete confidence in.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Fire Station Design

Fire Station

Our team has the experience designing stations that emphasize operational efficiency, firefighter wellness and community engagement.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Health and Human Service Design

Health & Human Services

Understanding health and human services from both government and healthcare perspectives.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Jail Architecture


We believe a jail design should not be punitive; rather, being separated from society is the punishment.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Judicial Architecture


A courtroom design's primary goal is to emphasize impartiality while maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Library Design


Due to an ever-changing landscape within public library design, innovative trends are beginning to transform their functionality.

Office Design


An investment for the future, a modern office design reflects a team's mission and values.

Park Architecture

Parks & Recreation

Enhancing all individuals' quality of life in your community by creating safe, inclusive and sustainable public spaces.

Public Safety Design

Public Safety

With experience in workplace architecture, our public safety designs emphasize the value of specialized layouts focused on operational efficiency.

Public Works Architecture

Public Works

Our public works architecture mission centers around the construction, maintenance, and operations of public infrastructure.

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