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Community Center

A gathering place for all ages, community centers must be properly designed to promote immense usage.

By their nature and design, we believe community center designs should reflect each community's values and vision and should be a gathering place for all ages. When establishing the goals of a community center design, the first item to consider is the people who will utilize the space. We believe it is crucial to understand the wide array of needs for individuals in your community and how those needs can shape a community facility's design. One of our core values at Wold Architects and Engineers is to create together. By participating in community collaboration, we believe we can design spaces that become a cornerstone of your community. These spaces can take on a wide variety of functions, dependent on the goals established by each city. For us, we define community center spaces as places meant to improve each individual's overall wellbeing, no matter the demographic.

Community Center Design

Promoting Health And Wellness

One priority we often see with clients is the continuous investment in the wellness of their communities. Creating spaces that offer health-related opportunities for people of all ages is a vital addition. We have a variety of experience in community center design and their correlation with health and fitness. Our fitness center design portfolio includes weight rooms, dance studios, walking tracks, multi-use sports courts, ice arenas and other multi-use spaces for wellness classes. Understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to community center design, we are adaptable to your community's needs.

Facilitating Community Learning

As a leader in the education sector, we understand how to create spaces centered around learning. We believe life long learning is valuable to people of all ages, and we value incorporating meeting and learning spaces within our community center designs. Through our collaborative meetings with clients, we aspire to learn more about how your community grows in knowledge together and how each project can assist in that growth. Whether it is spaces that are large enough to accommodate a conference or small enough for a team meeting, we have the community center design expertise to assist in accomplishing your needs.

Community Center Design 2
“Years later, they still check in with us and are always available to answer questions and respond to issues we are facing. Without hesitation, the City of Redwood Falls would hire Wold Architects and Engineers for future projects.”

— Jeffrey Weldon, City Administrator, Redwood Falls, MN

Providing A Place To Connect

Community centers should be a place to meet and connect, whether for fitness or recreation, to learn and grow or as a place to gather and belong. Having a singular building that can accommodate all generations in your community is a vital asset. Our team is equipped with the necessary experience to deliver flexibly designed spaces that reflect your communities' values while also considering how the facility solution can bring together people of all ages. We focus on creating spaces that allow for connection across a wide variety of ages and demographics. We intentionally create spaces that can host larger community gatherings, whether that be a family reunion, a wedding, a food drive or a neighborhood game night. By combining facilities that are often separate (senior centers, conference centers, recreation facilities, etc.), we aim to grow your community's overall connection.

How We Can Help

Wold believes that public buildings are a community asset and must embody the values of their community. We do not think there can be pre-determined solutions developed in an architect's office. As a result, our first step is to sit down with you and listen. We spend time in your community, talking with city leaders, staff and the public and having discussions with the elected officials to identify your goals and aspirations for your community center design. Only after careful consideration of your community center design ambitions, your community and your long-range vision will we start working on solving your facility issues.

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