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Planning, designing and implementing jails revolves around secure, staff efficient and lowest operational cost facilities.

We believe a jail design should not be punitive; rather, being separated from society is the punishment. Our designs emphasize operational efficiency and reducing long-term, operational costs. We also take the time to ensure that these operational efficiencies are met with features that improve safety for all stakeholders. Through our custom approach to each project, your team can be assured that we will provide a facility design that meets your distinct values.

Jail Design Guide

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Wold knows that the ultimate goal is to provide a safe and secure environment to detain inmates in a durable facility with the lowest possible operational costs. Since staff salaries are 85% of the life cycle cost of a jail, we scrutinize a facility design's operations and work closely with the Department of Corrections (DOC) to minimize the staff posts and, therefore, your jail's salaries. We find it incredibly important to work with the DOC throughout the design to achieve our clients' best results.

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Staying on Top of Industry Trends

We are proud of our long-standing tradition of being at the cusp of innovative jail design. For example, Wold worked with Stearns County, Minnesota, in 1983 to design and build the first direct supervision pods in the state. In 2000, Wold also worked with Ramsey County in Minnesota to introduce open, bus stop booking at their LEC for a calmer environment. As we look to the future, we are staying up-to-date on new industry trends that will impact our designs for the better. These discussions include several items, including management of inmates with mental and chemical health issues, electronic security system upgrades, interior design and remote court appearances.

Jail Design Guide 4

Wold's extensive experience planning, designing and implementing jail projects have been structured around the concept of making the most secure, staff efficient and lowest operational cost facilities we can for our clients. With thousands of jail beds having been designed, we know what's important to consider for a jail designs long-term viability.

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We believe a jail design should not be punitive; rather, being separated from society is the punishment.

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