Office Design


An investment for the future, a modern office design reflects a team's mission and values.

Your modern office design is an investment for the future of your organization. Because of this costly investment, it is essential to work with a team that understands all workplace design facets. Understanding that different industries require work spaces with unique features, our team will work with your organization throughout our process to ensure you're provided a functional environment for your workforce. A catch-all to most of our design experience, our team has worked in a wide array of industries in their office space execution.

Office Design

Employee Driven Designs

As HR professionals around the nation know all too well, job markets can be extremely competitive. Employers seek to stand out amongst the competition, and work spaces continue to be a vital recruiting asset. Our team is dedicated to designing spaces that assist in that effort to provide an appealing work environment. We understand the benefit office spaces can provide if they're done right, specifically with employee morale, efficiency, and overall growth. We strive to include the following features in every office environment: natural light, views to the outdoors, proper HVAC systems, collaborative work areas, modern meeting spaces and good air quality. Beyond that, we understand that you and your team will have unique desires that we will incorporate into our designs.

Proper Office Furniture

Once the blank canvas of an office space has been designed, it is crucial to fill that space with interiors that bolster a thriving work environment. A main priority in the interiors realm is providing furniture that best fits the need of a work space. We understand that different industry types require unique ergonomic needs. Our team will consider the kind of work your employees are assigned and align their everyday workloads with the proper furniture. Our office furniture layouts are customizable to meet the needs of an ever-changing landscape. By taking the time to develop a strategic plan for interiors, we believe overall morale will increase.

Office Design 2

Following Industry Trends

The standards and best practices of an office layout are continually adapting through the years as work styles change. Because of this, our team is always researching trends to ensure our designs are up-to-date with industry norms. As we move into a "new normal" for office environments, we are constantly analyzing how we can design workplaces for a workforce that may be mainly working from home. Having experience in flexible designs, we feel confident that we can create a space that meets your needs, whether every employee is on location or if a portion spends the majority of their time working from home. This includes special designs that focus on collaboration and large group gatherings. As stated before, each organization has different needs, which is why we take the time to meet with you to process those distinct design objectives.

Office Design 3

A core value at Wold Architects and Engineers, we strive to empower the employees of the office spaces we design. Office spaces contribute to an organization's culture, and as such, its design should reflect where you want to be in the future. We do this by integrating a healthy work area with unique features, strategic furniture, and up-to-date industry expectations. By taking the time to understand your needs and also provide the expertise we've grown over the years, we will be able to create an office design that drives your mission forward.

Areas of Focus
Wold Architects & Engineers - City Hall Design

City Hall

A hallmark that brings individuals together, a city hall design, should represent your community's culture.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Community Center Design

Community Center

A gathering place for all ages, community centers must be properly designed to promote immense usage.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Emergency Communications Center Design

Emergency Communications Center

Our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to design an emergency communications center that individuals will have complete confidence in.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Fire Station Design

Fire Station

Our team has the experience designing stations that emphasize operational efficiency, firefighter wellness and community engagement.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Health and Human Service Design

Health & Human Services

Understanding health and human services from both government and healthcare perspectives.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Jail Architecture


We believe a jail design should not be punitive; rather, being separated from society is the punishment.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Judicial Architecture


A courtroom design's primary goal is to emphasize impartiality while maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Library Design


Due to an ever-changing landscape within public library design, innovative trends are beginning to transform their functionality.

Office Design


An investment for the future, a modern office design reflects a team's mission and values.

Park Architecture

Parks & Recreation

Enhancing all individuals' quality of life in your community by creating safe, inclusive and sustainable public spaces.

Public Safety Design

Public Safety

With experience in workplace architecture, our public safety designs emphasize the value of specialized layouts focused on operational efficiency.

Public Works Architecture

Public Works

Our public works architecture mission centers around the construction, maintenance, and operations of public infrastructure.

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