Park Campus, Grayslake 46

The new Park Campus for Grayslake 46 is the result of a cooperative effort between the school district and nearby park district and provides community-centric educational and recreational opportunities that are readily accessible. Situated in the center of a village park at the heart of the community, playgrounds and playfields support the school while the gymnasium and multi-purpose rooms are available to the park district and community for afterhours use. The campus also offers dedicated office and storage space for the park district programs. Community spaces are easily accessible to the public as needed while the education wings are fully secure for students’ safety.

Serving 1,000 students ranging from grades K-8, the school is large but remains expandable up to a population of 1,400. To manage the size of the student body, the school’s arrangement fosters Grayslake 46’s goal of team teaching in a nurturing “school within a school” environment. Organized into Kindergarten, grades 1-4, and grades 5-8 neighborhoods, each has shared common areas including a learning commons, gymnasium, mutli-use cafetorium, and fine arts core.