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Chester County Emergency Communications District (CCECD) - 911 Dispatch Center

Serving over 18,000 people, the charming small town of Chester County recently celebrated the completion of its new 911 Dispatch Center. Originally located in the basement of the County Public Safety Building in downtown Henderson for heightened protection against storms, the facility was in disrepair. The space experienced water infiltration, unreliable utilities related to the outdated HVAC and electrical systems and was undersized for the County’s current needs.

Our team was engaged to provide a new FEMA-rated facility to adequately protect staff in the event of a tornado and supply sufficient space to serve its community. The District officially moved into the facility’s reimagined space in January which includes a large meeting space for on-site staff training and board meetings. This area can also be set up to function as an emergency command center. Additionally, each of the offices and the Dispatch area have FEMA-rated windows to allow natural light into the workspaces while not jeopardizing safety. Interior windows allow the natural light to be shared with some of the other spaces

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