New Prague Police Facility 2
New Prague Police Facility 1

City of New Prague Police Facility

In 2022, our team was hired to help the City of New Prague develop a comprehensive master plan covering all city facilities, including City Hall/Police, Public Works, Fire and Public Utilities. This included detailed assessments of facility conditions and space needs for all departments to establish short-term, mid-term and long-term strategies for building maintenance and space utilization. The study found that the police department's needs were primarily short-term priorities, with existing spaces lacking essential components for modern operations such as evidence storage, meeting spaces, offices, and vehicle storage.

In 2023, we were engaged to assess the possibility of integrating the police facility with the existing fire station to create a comprehensive Public Safety Facility, housing both police and fire services. This approach, confirmed viable through design efforts, uses the site efficiently, consolidates both police and fire entries into a centralized location, and introduces shared fitness and training spaces. Construction is expected to begin in spring 2025, completing within 12 months.

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