Idalia PK-12 School

For the rural residents of Idalia, the PK-12 school is a cornerstone of their community. The replacement of their aging facility became a community effort, facilitated by a steering group that included community members, staff, and administration. With help from a local bond and their Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) Grant, Idalia received a cutting-edge, 21st century school.

The atypical structure for Idalia PK-12 has been constant from its inception. Divided into primary and secondary groups, classrooms are arranged around a common flexible learning area. Flexible learning areas function as expanded space for group instruction and class activities, but have potential to grow and change with the school. Libraries and media centers distributed throughout the school offer instant and accessible learning tools for students.

Designed for LEED Gold Status, Idalia has sustainable features that enhance the curriculum. A geo-exchange well field installed on the west side of the football field to provide cooling and heating for the building by leveraging the constant temperature of the earth.

“They put me in the position where I understand the project. I’m comfortable with what’s going on. When any new information is out there I always know I can ask for an explanation and I’m never left feeling like I’m on the outside looking in.”

– Tim Krause, Superintendent Idalia RJ-3 School District


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