Farmington Campus

In 2001, the City of Farmington, facing population growth, sought a long-range master plan to navigate the imminent changes happening in their community and prepare their municipal assets. The city needed facilities that would be flexible for the future and fulfill their mission to provide excellence and quality services to their constituents.

The central maintenance facility and police station kicked off the implementation of their long-range master plan and supplied the proper infrastructure to support a population increase. Built on a site projected to become central as the city grew, the facilities are designed and sited to emphasize their importance to the community. The implementation of the new fire station meets the surge of emergency response services while maintaining the cohesion between other municipal campus facilities. Finally, utilizing a citizens’ committee for recommendations, the city hall bridges the existing downtown to the new development to remain accessible to the population. The architecture reflects the existing downtown storefront streetscape and establishes a new focus for the south end of Main Street.

Nearing the end of the 20-year long-range plan, the City of Farmington planned for protecting their investments and city assets with a facility preservation plan for the future.