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The Wellness Cube

The Wellness Cube is a mixed-use medical office building located in Macon, Georgia. Wold was hired by Maxwell Page Group, LLC to provide design services for a space that supports high-quality healthcare and human resources in underserved and under-resourced communities. These communities suffer disproportionately due to lack of traditional community investment and barriers to key elements to a healthy, affordable, prosperous and enjoyable quality of life. This space's ultimate goal is to create a unique brand that can be prototyped across multiple locations throughout the southeast and easily adapted to the needs of the local community.

The Macon location sits on an approximately five-acre site with an existing building that must be completely demolished before construction. The services provided in this location are dental care, primary care, vision, behavioral health, podiatry clinic, diagnostic imaging, wound care, physical therapy, child-care center, workforce development offices and flexible community space. The location has a robust pediatric focus with a common lobby and shared waiting space that acts as a "Smile Zone" or play area for children where they can play, interact with displays and be rewarded for good behavior in appointments and throughout the community. The building is filled with natural light, sustainable materials and design features that support a comprehensive approach to well-being, human development and growth, all of which promote The Wellness Cube's mission to improve the most vulnerable lives end-to-end healthcare services.

Creating access to healthcare services is just one of the many things that the Maxwell Group believes is needed to create a healthy environment. Education, quality housing, healthy food choices and workforce development all play a significant role in keeping the community well. Through their nonprofit organization Word of Mouth Inc., the space will also offer workforce development, education and training, job readiness and placement and financial literacy.

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