St. Anthony Cancer Center

St. Anthony Regional Hospital has partnered with Wold for more than 35 years planning and designing facility improvements throughout their entire healthcare system. The most recent project addressed a growing need in their community by creating a dedicated facility on their existing campus to house their Cancer Center of Excellence. This stand-alone medical office building is a state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility that provides both radiological and medical treatment clinics in a single facility solely focused on treating this important group of patients. This Cancer Center will transform their experience while enhancing the staff work environment for this growing service line in the community of Carroll, Iowa, and the surrounding region served by St. Anthony Regional Hospital.

The clinics share a single patient entry, registration and waiting area. This two story volume is filled with natural light, as well as wood and stone materials commonly found in the region. As patients and visitors are greeted by this space, it helps reduce anxiety and stress commonly experienced by cancer patients and their families. The atrium also serves as the gateway to the radiological and medical treatment clinics, the mediation space, and the public education center.

The radiological oncology clinic includes patient exam rooms, changing rooms, a linear accelerator and a CT simulator, as well as all of the support spaces required to deliver this care. This clinic is projected to be heavily used by St. Anthony Regional Hospital’s patients and is prepared for future growth or replacement of the linear accelerator with the second vault that will be used in the meantime as a staging and storage room.

The medical oncology clinic patient exam rooms, an infusion center with private, semi-private and open-area infusion stations, a dedicated pharmacy, as well as all of the support spaces required to deliver this care. The infusion center’s glass curtain wall washes the entire space with natural light and overlooks the outdoor treatment plaza and the Middle Raccoon River valley to provide views of nature for the patients and their families, as well as the staff serving these patients.

With a welcoming environment throughout the building and site, access to natural light and nature-centric views throughout the indoor and outdoor treatment spaces and areas of respite, patients and staff can find both care and peace of mind at the new Cancer Center whose mission is Building Hope.

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