Navigating 911 Consolidation

Navigating 911 Consolidation

Consolidating 911 communication centers and public safety answering points (PSAPs) is a growing trend throughout the country as communities look to improve services, implement new technology, find operational efficiencies, and be more cost effective.

Much like business acquisitions and mergers, it takes at least one entity to take the initial step to explore consolidation.

The consolidation process involves five different stages. The first step is to determine if consolidation is viable, how it could be implemented and how it would be governed. Communities who agree to move forward with consolidation then navigate the four remaining stages of implementation: facility integration, technology integration, training and migration.

If you are considering consolidation, it’s essential to explore how you’ll collaborate with other communities and identify the benefits that will result from this process. As with any complex program that involves multiple parties and long timelines, issues will arise throughout the entire consolidation process. You’ll need to address staff concerns about their jobs, who’s in control, when will it happen and any benefits changes – to name just a few of the questions.

By following these strategies, communities can overcome these challenges and lay a path to successful consolidation.

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