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Wilkes-Barre General Hospital had recently completed a large expansion consisting of a new emergency department and heart center when Wold was brought in to evaluate the relocation of critical care services and the privatization of existing patient rooms. Wold provided master planning as part of an ongoing effort to better position the hospital within the market. Ultimately, the decision was made in 2014 to expand the heart center vertically in order to accommodate the relocation of critical care beds, then work systematically through a number of phases to renovate and privatize over 180 existing patient rooms while upgrading several treatment and support areas along the way.

The initial phase, completed in 2018, expanded the hospital’s ED/Heart Center to accommodate the relocation of thirty-four critical care beds by constructing two new stories totaling 32,000 sf and renovating an additional 23,000 sf of existing shell space. An additional story sits atop the mechanical penthouse to access the roof-based helistop, a key element in the facility’s progress towards a trauma designation and provides more immediate access to the ICU, ED, Heart Center, and Surgery.

Immediately upon completing the new vertical addition, work began on renovating over 180 patient rooms in Obstetrics, general Med/Surg, Orthopedics, Oncology, Respiratory, Surgical and Neuro. Support spaces were upgraded for staff in the existing surgery suite, a new six room physician sleep area was created near the new critical care bed floors, one nuclear medicine camera was relocated to consolidate the treatment area, and finish improvements were made to circulation corridors, nurse stations, and support areas throughout the hospital. In total, over 100,000 sf of existing space was renovated as part of this capital project. Additionally, exterior improvements during the final phases were implemented to create 101 parking spots for staff and patients near the hospital, which is situated in a dense residential and urban environment.

Attributed to the new critical care unit and improvements to the existing patient areas, Wilkes-Barre General Hospital is now designated as an accredited and certified trauma center by the Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation. This accreditation now allows the hospital to treat patients locally who have experienced trauma, elevating the level of care for the community.

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