20210910 Riverview 20

Riverview PK-8

As the largest project in Thompson’s successful 2018 bond election, community and stakeholder buy-in and transparency of process was critical for success. Wold partnered with the district to design multiple collaborative forums to gather input and reflect back what was important to all.

One example of this is Innovation Day. This broad visioning session was held early on to gather input and ideas and build excitement across the District. Over 100 students, teachers, administrators and architects gathered for a full day design retreat to reflect on the future of education in Thompson schools. The group learned about the design thinking process and articulated a vision for teaching and learning in the Thompson school district through hands-on prototyping and dialogue.

It was essential for the district to communicate the ideas developed through input to the community-at-large. Wold partnered with the district to capture ideas through videos, diagrams and booklets.

The design of the Riverview PK-8 School successfully embodies the shared vision developed through this inclusive, open and transparent design process. Throughout the school are moments to encourage learning and inspire curiosity: walls peel back to reveal labeled building infrastructure. A silhouette of the Rocky Mountain Range from Long's Peak to Stormy Peaks with labeled elevations runs down the main hallway. A geological section of Devil's Backbone, a prominent geological feature in Northern Colorado, is reflected in the flooring pattern in the Commons.

Riverview PK-8: Thompson School District
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