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Middle School

New middle school designs promote self-sufficiency and support academic growth by emphasizing individualized learning.

Middle school students are often going through significant life changes during this academic time, so new designs for middle schools are continually evolving to satisfy these students’ changing needs. They are transitioning out of a “homeroom” environment and experiencing more academic and personal independence. Students may be working to understand their own identities and learning how to grow into their newfound roles. The new design of a middle school needs to address these factors by breaking down the building’s scale into defined learning communities, establishing the integration of technology into classroom designs and keeping students safe and secure.

New Design Middle School
Promoting Student Growth

Middle school students are given more opportunities to engage in independent learning styles, as self-sufficiency is valued and encouraged during this developmental period. Students can engage in exploratory classes that allow them to delve into their passions. At this age, students are also learning more advanced material at a younger age. Academic standards are being pushed-down from high school students to middle school students. This push-down creates an increasingly difficult academic environment, so middle school design must reflect these ever-evolving educational standards.

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Alignment with Programming

This individualized approach to education aligns with our personalized design process. To create a building that truly aligns with your needs, we spend time getting to know your programmatic goals. We work collaboratively with your stakeholders to understand your programmatic requirements and design spaces that empower your students to excel in their education. We understand that middle school curriculums exemplify a programmatic shift from “homeroom” in younger grades to constant small group collaboration within classrooms. This shift necessitates classroom flexibility, and to address this, we design adaptable spaces that enable cooperation through team teaching.

Integrating Systems Technology

Technology, in middle schools and all other grade levels, is integral to the buildings we design. Teaching spaces are movable, reconfigurable, collaborative and lend themselves to small group learning. Our technology has to reflect this environment. It must be mobile, fluid and ubiquitous. In classroom design, we consider the cabling and infrastructure to support video, sound and data systems. We sit with you to understand your technology needs and determine your resource-driven goals. In doing so, we are able to incorporate technology that fits current and future classrooms.

New Design Middle School 3

Developing Safe & Secure Buildings

No matter the grade level, safety and security are of utmost importance in all building designs. Schools must be available to the community and prioritize students’ safety by ensuring they are protected while in the building. Therefore, it is important to seek a reasonable balance between entry control and screening of visitors while maintaining an open, friendly face to the community. Wold has successfully done this in many schools across the country and is determined to create the perfect fit for your students and community.

New middle school designs provide ways for teaching to be integrated into life experiences and hands-on opportunities. These opportunities teach self-sufficiency and support growth by emphasizing individualized learning. Middle school classes promote passionate study by allowing students to engage in exploratory courses that are equipped with technology that aids modern learning styles. At this age, we work to assist in this self-discovery creating new designs for middle school buildings that allow students to discover interests, become more independent and continue to grow personally and academically.

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