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Prairie View PreK-8 School

Elk River Area Schools passed a referendum in 2014 to improve security, support activities and athletics and create additional capacity to accommodate the district’s growth.

Due to ongoing student population growth in lower level grades and long term district planning, it was essential that this building be designed for intentional future expansion and possible conversion to either a dedicated middle school or dedicated elementary school. Prairie View is a grades PreK-8 facility that was designed with an open and flexible core that supports a variety of uses and is welcoming to the public. The media space and cafeteria space share a flexible learning area that can serve either function, and a multipurpose band room is situated to act as a stage to either the gym or cafeteria. Due to careful planning, the building was ready when it became clear that the potential future expansion was a reality; the facility is currently being expanded to increase classroom, core and gymnasium capacity space

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