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Longmont High School

The two major drivers for this project were repairing outdated infrastructure and striving to create equity with other district high schools. The project was a part of the 2016 Bond, that included several new schools and improvements to multiple existing facilities. Longmont High School is one of the older high schools in the district and competes academically and athletically with much newer schools.

To meet these objectives, the primary scope included:

  • Replacing the entire exterior wall on the two-story classroom wing

  • Replacing the mechanical system in the classroom wing

  • Renovating to update and expand the cafeteria, learning commons, and student service center

  • Designing an addition to relocate the main entrance and an office to create a new secure entry and design a welcoming presence equitable to other district high schools

Over the years, the building has had multiple additions and renovations, and as a result it has become functionally and aesthetically fragmented. Through this project, these disparate elements were brought together to create a fresh and unified school, set up to support 21st-century teaching and learning.

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