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Early Childhood Center

Early childhood centers support the youngest learners through age appropriate designs that aid collaboration and personal growth.

Wold Architects and Engineers designs a holistic educational experience for students by focusing on the architecture of early childhood centers. A student’s early years build the foundation for the rest of their education and life beyond, so we must carefully craft a learning environment that allows them to gain skills that aid independence and collaboration. To thoughtfully design these spaces, we will engage with stakeholders to incorporate early childhood education pedagogy into a customized facility. Our goal is to best support your youngest learners’ education by designing early childhood centers that align with your district’s missions and values.

Architecture of Early Childhood

Our Collaborative Process

When designing early childhood centers, we make sure to include stakeholders’ voices to help capture their spirit to create learning environments that engage students’ young minds and ignite their passion for learning. The architecture of early childhood centers should be stimulating and engaging. To design such buildings, we employ a collaborative approach that includes stakeholders from the beginning. Through participatory planning, user groups, community engagement and ongoing updates, Wold gains input and involvement at all stages to ensure district-wide participation.

"Wold has always been committed to our district’s interest. Their willingness to be the consummate team player and their 'can do' attitude has ensured a positive and successful design process for our district."

— Michael Warren, Superintendent, Otis Public Schools

An Introduction to the District

Early childhood centers are students’ and families’ first introductions to a school district. The physical environment needs to provide a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere and reflect the values of the district. Your early childhood center must create an experience and atmosphere aligned with the district’s beliefs and approach while engaging children in their own growth. Our commitment to your students’ success will create a design that helps prepare them for life beyond preschool.

Dakota Valley Learning Center 1

Designing Dedicated Facilities

We understand that children of different ages require care that aligns with the various stages of developmental maturity. Therefore, we design varying types of facilities to reflect these needs. Early childhood is a critical developmental time that necessitates interactions with an array of people to build trusting relationships. We work diligently to design early childhood learning environments that support this social and emotional growth. We ensure that every child can experience growth by including early childhood special education (ECSE) practices and needs in every design.

Architecture of Early Childhood 4

Engaging Young Learners

The district’s youngest learners need spaces that nurture their curiosities through a variety of learning styles. To allow young children to develop independently, centers must provide them with the freedom to choose between activities. We design spaces that enable proper supervision during independent exercises that promote discovery-based learning and allow children to learn through play. Children are being exposed to more challenging curriculums at younger ages throughout daily activities. Therefore, designs must reflect the ever-evolving educational programs. Our objective for the architecture of early childhood centers is to create facilities that are child-oriented, foster a passion for learning, are developmentally appropriate, and promote health and well-being.

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Wold Architects & Engineers - Early Childhood Architecture

Early Childhood Center

Early childhood centers support the youngest learners through age appropriate designs that aid collaboration amongst peers and personal growth.

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