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School districts add value to communities by providing spaces focused on specialized education, athletics and the arts.

Wold Architects and Engineers understands that a school district adds to the community by providing spaces for many different functions. These include not only focused and specialized education, but also fitness, athletics and the arts for the community-at-large. We believe these are the features and assets that establish a pattern of lifelong-learning and interest. We concentrate on purposeful design through engagement with all stakeholders to create and develop facilities that are aligned with your needs. This understanding is reflected in all varieties of our specialized facility designs. We are committed to not only understanding your purpose but being driven by it.

Alternative Learning Centers
Alternative Learning Centers

To support variable education options, Alternative Learning Centers (ALC) incorporate individualized elements to help a variety of students. These unique learning styles differentiate from the traditional approaches found in most schools to foster success through other types of engagement. As such, we work with districts to design unique and appropriate spaces to align with this alternative pedagogy. We have designed stand-alone centers as well as spaces combined within existing buildings that cultivate unique educational experiences and encourage excellence for all students.

Specialty Athletics
Athletics, Fitness & Wellness

Athletic events and spaces go beyond the academic responsibilities of a school. They inspire participation, pride and wellbeing through a variety of extracurricular activities. We work collaboratively with districts to design facilities that harness pride and spirit while maintaining the functionality and safety that active spaces must accommodate to both inspire the most competitive athletes and engage the casual participant. We design indoor and outdoor athletic areas to reflect each specific community by working directly with students, staff and community members. This enables us to promote individualized experiences and interests appropriate for all types of athletic spaces.

Performing Arts
Performing Arts

Both sides of the curtain are deserving of sophisticated design, and performing arts spaces offer a way to connect the creative spirit of the artists with the pride and passion of the audience. We have the proven expertise in designing technically for the crew, holistically for the performers and experientially for the audience. We work collaboratively to create specialty spaces that encourage engagement within the artistic community through performing arts centers, auditoriums, music rooms and support spaces within schools. Our mission is to design facilities that bring people together through their shared passion for theater and music in spaces that exceed expectations.

Community Center Design
Community Centers

Communal gatherings are the essence of a flourishing community. We create community centers that facilitate connections through purposeful design. Our design process empowers voices of all ages to reflect the spectrum of individuals that will be utilizing the space. In doing so, we work to understand the center’s purpose and the activities it must support. We value each communities’ individuality and work diligently to design facilities that promote authentic interactions and identity.

Specialty Aquatic
Aquatic Centers

Both recreational and competitive, any aquatic center requires a great deal of technical expertise to design functional environments. Our team of architects, engineers and planners work collaboratively to design a space that is programmatically efficient and aligns with your goals. Multi-purpose facilities incorporate features to accommodate all age groups and abilities to promote education, health and wellness, while competitive pools focus on lanes, water depth and temperature control systems to establish a competitive environment. When combined, they must balance the needs of both to create the best overall environment. No matter the type of pool, we focus on developing an energy efficient system that operates at an optimal level to meet your goals.

Areas of Focus
Wold Architects & Engineers - Early Childhood Architecture

Early Childhood Center

Early childhood centers support the youngest learners through age appropriate designs that aid collaboration amongst peers and personal growth.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Elementary Classroom Design

Elementary School

Elementary school classroom designs engage students’ young minds and ignite their passion for learning.

Wold Architects & Engineers - High School Design

High School

New high school designs consider complex environments that require flexible responses to educational demands and community needs and expectations.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Higher Education Design

Higher Education

Higher education design inspires academic and athletic excellence through innovations of the built environment.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Middle School Design

Middle School

New middle school designs promote self-sufficiency and support personal and academic growth by emphasizing individualized learning.

Wold Architects & Engineers - PreK-12 School Design


PreK-12 schools rely on the concept of many grade levels efficiently interacting in a shared academic environment.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Special Education Design

Special Education

Special education design considers students' unique needs and allows them to learn in personalized, productive and engaging environments.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Specialty Education Design


School districts add value to communities by providing spaces focused on specialized education, athletics and the arts.

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