Dunlap Middle School

The new middle school in the rapidly growing Dunlap Community Unit School District serves 450 students with an expanded core that can accommodate future build-outs to a capacity of 900 students. The facility utilizes a “house” design concept that each holds 150 students and features a shared resource area surrounded by classrooms, science labs, and staff space. The resource area is flexible and equipped with computers for an entire classroom to function as a lab or a presentation space with soft seating and worktables.

A central “street” and “town square” connect the educational houses to the core functions of the building—the cafeteria, library, FACS, and art labs. The auditorium has seating for one house’s worth of students while remaining [openable] to the adjacent cafeteria to increase capacity to nearly 500. Outside, new playing fields sit alongside open space master planned for future district facilities and amenities, anticipating their future growth.

“Wold’s approach of involving stakeholders in the visioning and planning process really matched our district’s philosophy and operating style. We’ve been pleased with the process and the product!”

-Jay Marino, Superintendent of Dunlap CUSD #323