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Fremont Middle School

Fremont School District is undertaking the transformation of part of its middle school in looking to create a dedicated suite of spaces into an integrated environment focused on self-paced personalized learning.

Through the use of a series of operable partitions, three traditional classrooms were transformed into a highly flexible, easily reconfigurable collection of scalable student focused spaces. The partitions allow for the creation of a combination of ten configurations creating environments as modest as a breakout space serving six students up to a large cohort of ninety students.

The space is opened up vertically to expose heavy timber framing of the original 1957 building to create the feel of a loft space, but also allowed to create smaller, more intimate open spaces through the use of clouds and specialty lighting. The space is technology rich through wireless access. At the long end of the open suite is the idea wall ,painted with marker board paint. Operable partitions also include white board surfaces so that however the space is configured, a wall to ideate on is at the students fingertips.

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