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Dunlap Valley View Middle School

With a growing number of students in the area, the Dunlap School District was rapidly running out of space in its schools. The district identified the need for a second middle school. Wold was selected to design the school for 450 students, with an expanded core to accommodate a near future build-out to bring the facility to a capacity of 900 students.

The classrooms, science labs and staff space are designed around a resource area to support the “house” concept. This flexible resource area is equipped with computers for an entire classroom, for use as a computer lab, as well as soft seating, work tables and presentation space. A central “street” and “town square” connect the educational areas to the core functions of the building, such as the cafeteria, library, computer labs, F.A.C.S. lab and art lab. An auditorium space for 150 students can be opened up to the cafeteria to increase seating capacity to near 500 people. At the exterior, playing fields are included along with space master planned for future District facilities and amenities.

The expansion plans for Dunlap Valley Middle School were implemented in 2018 to relieve the pressure of an increasing middle school student population. Although the infrastructure was designed for growth, the original interdisciplinary classroom organization was revisited during expansion concepts. Final designs favored a more collaborative and versatile solution in expanding each classroom cluster. During an inclusive design process, extended learning environments and a layered security approach were priorities of the core planning committee. A second gymnasium and music suite were also integrated into the final design response. A seamless approach was taken to blend new with existing to respect the image and flow of Dunlap Valley Middle School.

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