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In early 2014, Wold Architects and Engineers helped Wayzata Public Schools pass a $109 million referendum for district wide improvements. One of the projects was to expand their current high school from a 3,200 student to a 3,900 student capacity building.

The work includes a four-story classroom addition, a three station gymnasium addition, a new auditorium addition and additions to their existing cafeteria and auditorium lobby to increase capacity and improve circulation.

The design enhances the learning environment by introducing flexible learning areas adjacent to the classrooms proper. These technology-driven spaces will allow for small group collaboration, an extension of the classroom.

Wold worked with the district to redefine spaces for informal and formal student social activity and interaction. The lobby and cafeteria has been transformed into a 21st-century student commons that is driven by versatility and technology and is a hub for student activities.

In addition, a portion of the adjacent golf course was purchased to expand the athletic fields and associated support space. The redevelopment includes a new roadway to the campus, three new artificial turf fields, a varsity softball field and additional parking.

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