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Waseca Junior Senior School
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Waseca Junior/Senior High School

In November of 2015, Waseca Public Schools successfully passed a referendum to upgrade their junior and senior high. The subsequent additions and renovations at Waseca Junior and Senior High touched nearly every existing corner of the existing school. The new academic wing completely replaces the old, bringing Waseca into modern teaching spaces that focus on flexibility, individualized learning, and modern aesthetics. New exterior windows and skylights bring natural light into the learning spaces and replace the 40-year-old artificial light throughout the school.

The new administration addition centralizes office functions at the forefront of the school, providing visitor entry control and security. A new 700-seat performing arts center is a modern performing space for theatre, choir, and band, located with efficiency and synergy to the adjacent music suite. The athletics wing renovations bring the district up to Title IX requirements while highlighting pride in Waseca athletics for the students and greater community.

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