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Village of La Grange - Bunk Room and Kitchen Remodel

In 2022, our team was tasked with designing and carrying out a total bunk room and kitchen remodel at the Village of La Grange Fire Station. We focused on building an optimized and enjoyable space for the fire station team. The main challenge was renovating these spaces while the station remained completely operational and continued to serve the village with full-time and volunteer personnel specializing in fire, rescue and EMS.

One of the key elements of this remodel was updating the spaces to reflect the station’s current needs. Wold's charge was to repurpose the existing spaces to be functional and efficient for the crews that used them, without sacrificing size and style. In doing so, we designed and created bunk and kitchen spaces that promote health, wellness, nourishment and rest for the personnel, transforming the outdated spaces into a true second home. This renovation was completed in Spring 2023.

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