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Clarendale at Belluve One
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The Clarendale at Bellevue One

The Clarendale at Bellevue One is a New 220,800 square foot multistory senior living community constructed in wood. The facility includes 139 independent living apartments, with licensed assisted living consisting 40-beds for memory care, and 50-beds for general assisted living. The memory care features a private courtyard and dining facilities while the general assisted living residents have a dedicated dining room or they can share the general dining room and utilize the other facility amenities.

This project continues the Clarendale brand to provide hospitality-based services for premier senior living. The Bellevue community has an urban design offering restaurant-style dining, a craft room, a bistro, a pub, and several lounge / multipurpose spaces. The new community is located in the heart of a mixed-use development with pedestrian friendly access to shopping, movies, and several restaurants.

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