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Sunnyside Intermediate School and MacArthur Middle School Campus

Wold developed and led an in-depth community engagement process to gain consensus and create fresh ideas for future of Berkeley D87. Partnering with D87
on an extensive Educational Alignment study and Long Range Planning efforts, the District and Community supported the need to replace the obsolete Sunnyside and MacArthur buildings.

Supporting the community and creating exciting learning environments for both students and teachers have been driving forces for the revisioning of the Sunnyside and MacArthur campus. The new building will support grade level centers and allow for growth of exploratory program offerings previously limited by the existing space available. Initiatives for sustainability include providing natural daylight to all learning environments and providing infrastructure to support solar panel installations. With two distinct and separate schools housed in one building, the need to create separate identities for each school is balanced with opportunities for blended interaction and shared functions of community use spaces

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