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Minnesota State Veterans' Home - Preston

The Minnesota Veterans Home – Preston project is a new State Veterans Home to be constructed in Preston, Minnesota, serving 54 residents in a residential skilled care model.

The project is designed with 3 households of 18 residents each with private, single occupancy resident rooms with full private bathrooms, as well as living, dining, kitchen and den in each household. The households will have a home-like scale and decor. Amenity and community spaces are comprised of a café, club room, multi-purpose room for large events, lifelong learning classroom, library, and a meditation space.

The design of the building will reflect a formal style of architecture with natural materials and warm wood tones. The building is cited on top of a hill and will have expansive views of the surrounding rural countryside. The project will be efficient to operate because attracting and retaining care staff in this region is a concern. It is designed to meet the State’s construction standards, B3 requirements, and the SB2030 energy conservation program.

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