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Manzanola K-12

Manzanola School District is blessed to teach in one of prominent Colorado architect’s Temple Buell's first built works. Wold worked with the district to secure a BEST grant to renovate and add on to their historic 1925 school, consolidating all of the district's students into one secure and up to date building. The design has been developed to feature and reinforce the historic building, creating a new secure entrance and up to date learning environments while still allowing the historic building to feature prominently.

In bringing all of the district's K-12 students together in one school, the design advisory group expressed a desire to support a single school community, with distinct age-appropriate spaces across the K-12 spectrum. The design of the addition is organized around a two-story media center adjacent to the west facade of the historic building. This space serves as the heart of the school. Learning spaces are organized around this heart in two wings, mirroring the Temple Buell design. The layout creates an additional learning courtyard and an extension of the media center.

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