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Holyoke Junior/Senior High School

Hoping to enhance the safety and accessibility throughout its Jr-Sr High School, Holyoke School District partnered with Wold Architects and Engineers to complete various renovations. Home to the district's 7th-12th grade students, the district recognized a need for updates in several areas. With funding awarded through a BEST grant, it was essential to prioritize the renovation of several areas to meet ADA compliance requirements.

In the athletics wing, both the senior and junior high locker rooms were updated for ADA compliance. The senior high locker room was updated with new showers, toilets and a coaches suite. Junior high locker rooms were moved to the area previously serving as the weight room. With its new space, a referees room was also added for additional accommodation in this area. The new weight room now properly includes proper flooring, high ceilings and enhanced school branding.

With an additional focus on safety, the administration office was moved to the front of the facility to create a more secure entry point. A warming kitchen with a serving kitchen was added in its previous place. Additional renovation features include a trainers suite, a wheelchair-accessible pad in the auditorium and other ADA-centric improvements. These improvements provide proper accessibility and safety for all students throughout the district, ultimately enhancing the district's Jr-Sr High culture.

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