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Wold assisted McHenry HSD 156 in transforming their West High School Campus serving over 1,800 students. In response to consolidating 10th through 12th graders at the west campus and developing a ninth-grade center at the east campus, the district prioritized the needs of both learning communities to establish specific expansion and renovation criteria aligned with the evolving curriculum.

The new west campus addition is focused on science, technology and industry offering college and career-oriented pathways. Spaces include specialized amenities yet remain adaptable to programmatic changes. The learning environments accommodate business incubator, journalism, advanced engineering, construction trades, advanced manufacturing, robotics, advanced graphics, biomedical sciences, chemistry and mathematics.

A multi-purpose space resides on the upper floor with the ability to be converted to additional classrooms in response to enrollment growth. Opportunities for diverse learning modes are blended throughout the expansion with transparency, daylight and connectivity as critical influences on design.

Connecting to the existing school prompted the relocation of an expanded secure entrance, reconfigured parking and drives and a rebranded identity to the entire campus. Renovations of the existing school include a resource center, upgraded art labs and choir room, a career center and improvement to circulation with passive study zones.

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