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Delano Intermediate School

As Delano determined how to best meet the needs of their growing population, it was important that they maintained the campus approach to their buildings which enforced their community beliefs. Wold worked with the district and community on an approach that relieved pressure in both their existing K-4 elementary and 5-12 MS/HS by creating a new 3-5 Intermediate elementary School. This allowed for the district to better align curriculum goals with age structure across all buildings.

The new school developed a collaborative learning approach through the creation of (3) smaller learning environments within the building aligning classrooms to extended learning environments directly adjacent. Classrooms have the ability to open between spaces to allow for flexibility in learning group sizes. Student and staff support spaces for small group interaction and independent learning are distributed throughout each area. Community spaces such as the gymnasium and lab spaces such as art, tech and science are located adjacent to the entry to allow for easier after hours and weekend access. Wold also worked with the district in aligning furniture selection to enhance the delivery methodology.

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