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MN Schools Embrace Hands-On Learning With 'Makerspaces'

Wold Team
This is not the hushed, orderly school library of the past. It's also not the kind of classroom where students are expected to sit quietly and wait for direction from a teacher. It is a "makerspace."

The term "makerspace" is relatively new, an offshoot of a broader movement toward hands-on learning that has also spawned huge "Maker Faire" events around the country. But many of the things that go on in a makerspace are activities that schools have offered for decades in places like shop, industrial tech, home economics, photography or art classes.

If this sounds like a mix of subjects that don't belong together, well, that's exactly the point, said Todd Hunter, a science teacher and makerspace facilitator at Anoka High School. His school is about to open a brand-new makerspace in a section of the library that once housed two computer labs. It features equipment for robotics and graphic design, video production and 3-D printing, laser cutters for cutting and etching, two recording studios and a textiles area, where students can work on sewing machines.

Read the full article in the Star Tribune here.

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