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Primero RE-2 School District partnered with Wold to complete a facility master plan in 2016. The new plan identified building deficiencies and learning space inadequacies while exploring multiple options for potential improvements. With facilities that were not fully accessible to students with disabilities, out-of-date school security systems, site traffic and site safety inefficiencies, and learning areas that were unsupportive of 21st-century learning models, the final plan was designed to get the most out of current facilities and set the district up for safe and effective learning environments into the future.

The updates at Primero School, serving grades PK-12, reflect current teaching and learning practices while supporting community use and engagement. The school features flexible learning environments to support personalized learning. In lieu of a single traditional media center for the entire school, the decision was made to decentralize the media center. Two technology-focused media hubs were created and appropriate age separation was designed to support elementary and secondary students through the application of “maker spaces” as well as project and large group gathering areas. The updates encourage external community use with improved security access that eases after hours use of a new wellness and fitness center.

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