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Wold worked with the communities, staff and parents of 13 Cherry Creek schools to renovate existing spaces and provide innovative teaching spaces that fostered critical thinking, curiosity, inquiry and provided project-based and real-world learning experiences.

Working with each school's Site Advisory Team, a set of unique design criteria was developed that aligned with their individual values and fit what innovation meant to them. In some cases, a central hub was created that opened up classrooms into the existing media centers to create project-based learning centers that could accommodate inquiry and research and placed learning on display. In others, a distributed or targeted approach provided a transformation of smaller spaces throughout the facilities that supported specific activities. Notably, Fox Ridge Middle School identified three rooms to support each stage of project-based learning. A collaboration room that was open and flexible to support investigation, a lab space to support exploration and a presentation space to support sharing.

The efforts of this early process resulted in spaces that responded to the unique background and vision of each school. Each community felt a sense of ownership that the design met their unique needs.

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